Top 4 Steps In Shipping & Courier Services

4 Steps to International Shipping

Step 1: Check shipping restrictions to your destination country

The first step to shipping internationally is to make sure you can legally ship your commodity. Depending on where you want to ship to, there might be certain restrictions as to what kind of materials can be accepted and how your shipment needs to be prepared.

Step 2: Prepare your customs documents

Accurate documentation is essential to international shipping and customs clearance. After all, delayed shipments tie up your inventory and create unwanted issues for your customers.

Save yourself valuable time by ensuring you have all the information you need on hand when you're filling out customs documents. You'll need to include your product's Export Control Classification Number, Harmonized System Code, and the accurate description and value of your commodity. Additionally, for international safety reasons, some products that are considered dual-use, commercial products require that you have an Export License.

Step 3: Pick the best service for your needs

You can choose from a wide variety of international shipping services with Andwer Freight — from time sensitive to budget friendly. If you are shipping package, freight, or both, Andwer Freight Services offers solutions to fit your budget and distribution needs — making crossing borders easy, so you can focus on growing your business.

Note: When choosing you shipping method, it's important to remember that shipments weighing less than 150 lbs/68 Kg. are considered packages, while shipments weighing 150 lbs/ 68 Kg. or more are considered freight. Also, keep in mind that your service choice may affect which international documents you'll need.

Step 4: Get started shipping & Track your shipment.

Now that your shipment is on its way, tracking its status is easy, use a number of Tracking Tools based on the courier Service & International Shipping Vendors, These reliable tools help you pin point the exact process and where about of your parcel anywhere in the world any time.

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