Andwer Freight Logistics

Logistics in Freight deliverys

With Us overseeign the logistics of all your freight needs it is important that it stays cost effective and that the following list stays accurate.

  • Making contact and engaging carriers with the correct information.
  • We hava to make sure the correct parerwork is in order especially with foreign policy.
  • Making sure the correct labeling is implemented for Shipment.
  • Scheduling of shipment and making sure everything is on time.
  • Making crucial plants to optimise the best rout to save time and money.
  • Have the correct tracking information is extremely important for logistics.
  • making sure that your relationship with customs is up to standard.
  • Keeping the correct details on any claims made and managing any payments made.
  • Most importantly logistics is changing every day and everything needs to be kept up to date for the best perfomance possible.

Professional Freight & Fast Clearance

Andwer Freight is a custom clearance specialist.
Over the almost 30 years of our existence we have gained expertise and experience to fulfill fast and effective international custom clearance every time.
We have established an enviable track record for our clearance efficiency.

Freight  Collection & Freight Delivery

We collect and deliver international cargo from door to door.
Having our own transportation fleet ensures that we have control over the conveyance process from beginning to end, eliminating unforeseen delays induced by external service providers.
We are specialists in scheduling Ocean and Air transportation.

Freight Storage

We have secure storage facilities to keep your cargo in safe for overnight or longer periods that may be required.
All our storage facilities are equipped with the latest security devices that include 24 hour surveillance and armed response.

Andwer Freight Delivery Fleet

All Andwer Freight transport trucks are kept and maintained in pristine mechanical and roadworthy condition. Trucks are regularly serviced and checked and all mechanical faults are immediately tended to. No truck is allowed to leave our premises without a standard mechanical roadworthy check.

We select our truck drivers with utmost care. Our selection criteria include medical fitness, driving competence tests and previous driving experience. All our truck drivers are given regular refresher and upskilling driver training.

Freight Monitoring & Communication 

Andwer Freight implements monitoring and communication systems. Drivers are equipped with mounted cellular phones and vehicles fitted with state of the art tracking systems.

Live Animal Transportation

Andwer has built a particular prestige for a rare international transportation service of live animals.
We are specialists in ensuring your animals are secure, well fed, calm and safe during the transportation process from embarking to transportation, delivery and release.
We manage international animal transportation and clearance.

Animals we regularly transport include:
- Lions
- Horses
- Birds
- Tortoises and smaller animals such as meerkat, to mention but a few.

Why Andwer Freight?

- Professional clearance and forwarding services
- Fast turnaround clearance and delivery times
- Safe storage facilities
- Convenient, integrated collection, clearance and delivery services
- Competitive tariffs
- Insurance options of freight in transit.

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