What is Quality Shipping.

Why we are the shipping company you need.

Andwer Freight is one of the best South African shipping companies that provides peace of mind for all its clients and provides quality personal customer services.

Our highly qualified trained personal provides comprehensive solutions for each step of the shipping process to relieve the bureaucratic burden from our clients’ shoulders. This includes shipment, customs clearance, delivery of goods to the customer’s warehouse, and shipment updates.

When it comes to the massive international services and continually shifting climate of regulations and political upheaval that govern or affect international shipping, We at Andwer Freight possess the expertise and experience to deliver your goods to international markets efficiently. We are your strategic partner in global shipping and documentation and are continually seeking to enhance our global logistics services to cater to your needs.

Simply put, we are the clear choice for top-quality international importing and exporting services.

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We love animals and we love offering our customers great animal transport services. So if your animal needs to be relocated you can be sure that we will do everything possible to ensure your animal has a comfortable and stress free trip. And we will find the most efficient way of getting it there safe & sound.

We offer professional Animal Transport Services throughout South Africa and between South Africa and most Countries in the World.

We understand that every job is different and that every customer and every animal has different needs. It is the level of personal service our customers receive which separates us from our competitors.

Animal transport services has gained an excellent reputation in supplying an efficient and reliable service with a high standard of professionalism

We pride ourselves on building long term relationships with our clients.

Andwer Freight the Professional Animal Transport Service provider you can trust. Call us today!