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Air Freight

Air freight logistics is the shipment of goods via a chartered or scheduled air carrier. Air freight is a popular choice for many companies as it ensures passage for their goods to anywhere in the world that an aircraft can fly to and land. Goods transported by air have the advantage of being taken to their final destination at high speed which could prove advantageous if the shipment is time sensitive. For smaller and medium sized companies, it allows them to participate in international trade in as an effective manner as larger companies. Furthermore, shipments that are transported via air carrier go through a higher level of security than other methods which makes it one of the most secure ways to transport goods.

Sea Freight.

Sea Freight is a method of transporting large amounts of goods using carrier ships. Goods are packed into containers and then loaded onto a vessel. A typical cargo ship can carry around 18,000 containers, which means that sea freight is a cost-efficient way to transport high quantities over large distances.

Animal Transport.

Animal transporters are used to transport livestock or non-livestock animals over long distances. They could be specially-modified vehicles, trailers, ships or aircraft containers. While some animal transporters like horse trailers only carry a few animals, modern ships engaged in live export can carry tens of thousands.

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Whether the items you need delivered are large or small, and whether you’re importing or exporting, we can ensure that your parcel reaches its destination safely, securely and efficiently

• Reliable door to door importing
• Always know your import shipping rates ahead of time
• Receive one consolidated invoice at the end of the month in your local currency
• Track the status of your imported packages 

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